FINE is a technology manufacturing supplier of china machining parts, welding parts, metal surface treatment, assembling components, aluminium machining parts, stainless steel machining parts, sheet metal welding stamping, brass machining parts, stamping, hinge. The company is a partner member of China Jiangsu International Group. It offers much angle, a full range services from product design to manufacturing, assemble, test, after-sale for customers. It put high emphasis on valuing sincerity and trustworthiness, endless striving for excellence, embrace change, mutual benefiting and win-win, customer success, also combined with a superior geographical environment, professional international logistics services and rich human resources.

steel parts

Steel Parts

Material: Carbon Sttel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel Process: CNC machining, Metal Stamping, Foging, Cast

brass parts

Brass Parts

Material: Brass, Copper Process: Machining, Hot stamping

aluminum parts

Aluminum Parts

Material: Aluminum Alloy Process: Die Casting, Machining

titanium parts

Titanium Parts

Material: Titanium Process: Metal Injection Molding

ceramic parts

Ceramic Parts

Material: Alumina (Al2O3), Zirconia (ZrO2) Process: Dry Pressing, Ceramic Injection Molding

plastic parts

Plastic Parts

Material: ABS, PC, POM, Nylon Process:  Plastic Injection Molding

rubber parts

Rubber Parts

Material: Silicone rubber, Natural rubber, Fluoroelastomers, Nitrile(NBR) Process: Extruded rubber, Molde

auto parts

Auto Parts

Auto Parts for Iveco, VW, BMW as per OEM numbers


• Steel
• Brass
• Stainless
• Alloy
• Aluminum
• Plastic
• Rubber
• Ceramic

Value Added Services

• Product Traceability
• Custom Plating and Heat Treating
• Engineering on Secondary Operations
• Customized Packaging
• Continuous process, product and procedural improvement
• Supplier Consolidation
• Electronic Invoicing
Packaging / Heat Shrink
• Assembly and Subassembly


• Automotive
• Customer Electronics
• Medical Devices
• Industrial
• Toos & Hardware
• Machinery Parts
• Lighting

Why Choose Us?

We have been in business for over 12 years and successfully reduced the cost of outsourced products, improved the quality, provided technical support, shortened lead time, and increased efficiency of a wide variety of customers. The purpose is for you to stay competitive, and increase your sales and profits.

We deserve your business ONLY if we can make it Faster, Better, and/or Cheaper!!!